In the past year, we have seen amazing growth and success at the Health and Safety Council®. Our physical footprint has expanded into multiple locations across Texas, into Colorado and our growing team is stronger than ever. Our mission of building safe workplaces is the foundation of our business, and for over 33 years, we have demonstrated our commitment to embracing innovation and utilizing technology to improve safety in our industry.

HASC® was built on a foundation of altruism, with a volunteer spirit and steadfast approach to helping our members by providing options in advanced learning and occupational health services. We pioneered computer-based training and introduced check-in kiosks before airlines offered them in airports. The last few years have validated the importance of flexibility in delivering training and offering unique experiences that resonate with learners as they operate in diverse conditions.

We understand the importance of technology in our industry, and we are committed to strengthening training and health services by improving ease of use and access. Utilizing videos, animations, interactions, and by offering live online proctoring, we raise the standard in our pursuit to educate the workforce and preserve lives. We create systems that grow with the needs of the industry as we focus on continuous improvement to advance the learner’s experience.

The Safety Essentials Suite is a revolutionary solution to onboarding and ongoing PSM-compliance training. This innovative training system allows workers to participate remotely; and through live online proctoring, we ensure training delivery with the highest level of integrity. Safety Essentials, the flagship course of the suite, provides a standardized, buildable approach to OSHA’s PSM-compliance training requirements, ensuring workers across the nation have access to the same high-quality training. Safety Essentials is also available in Spanish and has an annual refresher course, updated every year. We combat complacency and tedium by highlighting fresh, relevant content each year.

Our general safety library has already begun its transition into Safety Essentials Elements, engaging training courses that help learners retain information.

Our latest generation of reciprocal safety training utilizes the R4 Learner Retention Model, which focuses on Relevance, Reinforcement, Rigor, and Reflection. Through this proprietary model, our inhouse learning experts provide custom training solutions to enhance employee engagement and retention while building cognitive skills of facts and concepts.

Recognizing the importance of accessing training and health records 24/7, HASC created an innovative and intuitive web-based tool called LINKmobile™. This connected-worker interface provides the industry with a single-source solution to verify, track, and train personnel. Through LINKmobile, owners and operators have on the-go access to GateCheck™, a secure tool to quickly verify a contractor’s identity and compliance with site-entry requirements.

In response to our mobile workforce, HASC offers teleSTAT™, a telemedicine program that provides virtual HIPPA-compliant clinic consultations with direct access to our health providers. Our expert staff responds 24/7 and understands the need for efficient assessments and follow-ups of an injured employee. Our telemedicine program reduces unnecessary treatments, time away from work and excessive health care costs.

Not only is our growth centered on our pursuit of excellence in providing safety training and occupational health services, but it is also possible because of the strong culture we have embraced as a company.

We will continue to support the process of enabling each team member to reach his or her potential, positively contribute to team and accomplish the mission of our organization. Only the stretch of our imagination limits our future, and it is amazing to envision where HASC will go from here.


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