Changing our name to Industry Business Roundtable (IBR) from the Houston Business Roundtable (HBR) reveals our strategy to extend beyond the Gulf Coast region. During our anniversary celebration, we announced the new direction for our organization, including rebranding and realigning our mission and vision. With IBR, it is the beginning of a new era in servitude for the industry. We are the same association that helped transform our industry and we will continue to do the same while adapting and changing with the industry and technology.

The rebranding helps make the association more accessible by removing geographical restraints. It allows us to add value by being a resource to our Members and Partners with a wider reach, providing relevant information, and sharing best practices. IBR’s focus on our Member’s needs as the voice for transformation and innovative initiatives cements our future within the industry.

Last year, legacy HBR celebrated our 50th Anniversary, a remarkable milestone that is a testament to the resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment of everyone who has contributed to the growth and success of our organization. We have served this industry well, listened to feedback, and embraced change to support the well-being of the workforce. Part of growth means transformation, and we were ready to embrace it.

Industry Business Roundtable’s strategic and collaborative partners are like-minded associations with common goals in mind to collectively offer a wider reach, providing relevant information from organizations across the nation in addition to best practice sharing. We are committed to enhancing membership value with an expansion of committees related to the evolving workforce and regulations. Committee Chairs will put emphasis on restructuring as needed to be more actionable, specific, and focused.

Through the years, our industry has faced changes and challenges, but our association consistently demonstrated the ability to adapt, evolve, and overcome. From technological advancements in Safety, Health and Environmental as well as workforce concerns to shifting market dynamics, we have remained at the forefront, guiding the industry through turbulent times, and charting a course toward a brighter future.

Looking ahead, we recognize that the future holds both hurdles and opportunities for our industry. We must embrace new technologies, promote sustainability, and continue to prioritize safety and environmental stewardship. As needs shift and grow, our organization will continue to exist as the resource that adds value for asset owners across the nation.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our committee members, some of our plans have already come to fruition in 2024 and we are excited to see momentum building in support of the revitalized mission and vision for the Industry Business Roundtable. Innovation Through Collaboration – it is a simple yet effective value proposition that we will continue to endorse.

The Industry Business Roundtable’s mission is now: To share innovation and best practices that positively transform the industry and communities where we work. Our updated vision is: To be the association that collectively adds value to the industry, offering resources for continuous improvement. We have embodied these statements and appreciate each of you who have helped us achieve success.

We applaud the visionaries who created a path for industry transformation and worked to foster a collaborative safety culture across organizations over fifty years ago. Our founding member companies rallied around trade unions, work practices, legislation, and related issues. Our members today have not lost sight of that intention at inception and have built a sustainable association since then. We will honor their legacy and continue to expand the footprint and impact for our workforce for years to come.


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